What is Smoke screen?

Smoke Screen is a front line defence in the fight against intrusion and violent robbery. Reacting instantly, security fog secures your property in seconds. It's the only part of your security system that is proven to stop intruders from stealing if they do get in.

Crime is a global problem. And it's a serious problem. Criminal methods vary from sophisticated and organised to downright brutal and violent. Yet the consequences are the same in any language, any country, any industry. Crime creates damage and loss and breeds fear. The knock-on effects are felt far afield.

Countless amounts are spent on security systems each year. Despite this countless amounts continue to be stolen. Nothing appears to be stemming this epidemic. Until now.

Introducing the Smoke Screen.

Criminal breaks in. Smoke activates. Criminal runs away. It’s that simple.

Our Distributors

Our industry has become truly international, reflecting the massive expansion of the security market today. As such, Concept Smoke Screen has established distribution agreements with agents all over the world and we are continuing to grow. You can see the scope of our global distribution network on the interactive map.

Become a Distributor

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Concept Smoke Screen partner. Most enquiries are handled through our head office. Please call or email your request along with your location and we will forward that enquiry to the relevant regional distributor.

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robberies (domestic and corporate) were reported globally in 2013.


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