European Standards for security fog

Development of European Standards

The European Standards for Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems have been in place now since 2012 (EN 50131, EN 50132 and EN 50133 respectively). A new European Standard covering alarm transmission systems and alarm transmission equipment (EN 50136) has been recently introduced.

Security fog and insurance

Insurer's guide to specifying fogging security systems

To ensure minimal losses are incurred in the event of a burglary/robbery attempt, a room fill (whole room for burglary - asset area for robbery) time of a maximum of 10 seconds is recommended with a fog density - eye to object visibility distance - level capable of reducing visibility to no greater than 50cm (20 inches).

How to stop becoming a target for burglary

Tips to prevent burglaries

Based on recorded instances reported to police across a selection of 94 countries there were over 5,250,000 burglaries globally in 2014. Add into that any number of unreported crimes and clear under-reporting from some countries and you get a very large figure indeed.