As seen on TV

As seen on TV

Still of Smoke Screen activation

Channel 4 show organisers contacted us requesting equipment and video for sequences they planned on using security smoke in the home. So earlier this year, we set up our renowned Smoke Booth in a village church hall. The resulting footage was broadcast last night on popular property show 'Double Your House For Half The Money', hosted by the inimitable Sarah Beeny. The story concerned a young couple with a splendid house in a somewhat remote location and who were worried about break-ins.

'Adding home security might seem like one of the last things to think about', runs the voice-over, 'but actually it should be one of the first.' Cue Smoke Screen demonstration.

'Security smoke is a great alternative to CCTV and alarms,' Sarah continues.

And we totally agree.

The second feature was for Gadget Man - a weekly round-up of weird and wonderful tech, road-tested by the sublimely hilarious Mr Richard Ayoade with the equally eccentric Noel Fielding in assistance. This particular episode focuses on holiday gadgets with Smoke Screen performing the role of protecting your belongings in your absence - and being triggered remotely by a smart phone to boot.

Call us on 01205 821111 and join the growing number of people using Smoke Screen to defend their property.

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