More reasons to get a Smoke Screen

More reasons to get a Smoke Screen

Robber defeated by security fog

20th October 2012, 4.02am 

Two motorcycles glide into a supermarket car park. They're not practising their slow ride technique at this time in the morning. The intent of the three masked men is clearly criminal. 

CCTV footage unravels their plan – open the gate at the rear of the store, one of them to go round the front, force their way in, through the shop front, another door, then deal with the heavily reinforced rear door from the inside. With the back door open they can practically steal at their leisure. 

What they didn't count on was the store's security smoke system. Once activated the Smoke Screen filled the rear of the store in seconds, streaming out into the car park and the shop front as well. Burglary over. In fact, were it not for the store's entry timer, the smoke would have activated sooner and prevented the store's only loss ... a box of curly wurlys.

Check out our video blog for CCTV footage of the success.

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