Watchful Sentinel ushered in by next-gen web

Watchful Sentinel ushered in by next-gen web

Concept Smoke Screen Sentinel close up of nozzle plate

As well as a shiny new design we've created an improved user experience - accessible, functional, easy to use and crammed with helpful information. We are officially tying this in with the introduction of our updated core product lines as well, featuring some fantastic new additions, more on those to come.

The website has been built using html5 markup, this offers many benefits - compliance with the latest w3c standard, support for the latest multimedia, compatibility with more mobile devices, faster page loading speed and many other techie ones.

Basically, we are making it easier for as many people as possible to keep up with the latest industry news and developments, wherever they are and whatever they are using.

It's not just the graphics that have changed either, we have revised the copy as well, helping new and existing clients better understand the products and services that we offer. We are looking to boost awareness of Smoke Screen and ultimately deter and stop more violent attacks, break-ins and burglaries.

Crime is a global disease and, as a company, we are always attentive to the global industry. To this end we have set up a select Smoke Screen distributor network. This means we can continue to service the domestic market while providing the same level of quality to other countries via vetted and qualified associates. We already have a significant reach and are always looking to grow it further.

For those who do not know, here is a quick breakdown of how security smoke works: the intruder breaks in, the Smoke Screen activates, the room rapidly fills with smoke, your goods are hidden and staff secure, the crime is over, the intruder flees.

How do we do this? Well, we use Smoke Screens - smoke machines that deliver an astonishing volume of dense fog, totally clean and safe to breathe. Our motto is 'Cant see it? Can't steal it!'

Our updated products cater for pretty much every size and type of organisation as well as every budget. We have consolidated our main line of smoke generators into the Sentinel Range, comprising the S35, S70, S90, S100 and S150. Different sizes of machine to suit different purposes; from protecting a small shop, server room or window display to a large warehouse, gallery or bank. Improved PCB technology makes installation and integration easy and our state-of-the-art heater blocks produce the driest, densest, most efficient and effective smoke.

For the cash handling industry we have the Guardian Range - portable units used to prevent attacks during ATM replenishment. We also provide temporary standalone machines for instant plug and play protection for businesses under threat and/or awaiting a Sentinel installation.

More protection on the go next, with the Defender Range. Small yet powerful 12V/24V smoke generators for your vehicle. Running off a standard car battery power circuit and with impressive standby capability, Defender provides protection for cars, vans, lorries, even shipping containers, boats and parked aircraft.

Forensic marking solutions are the security industry's latest weapon in the fight against crime. We have been working closely with taggant manufacturers to create the Predator Range. A formidable double deterrent that stops crime there and then, and tags the criminals for later prosecution.

All Concept Smoke Screen generators are built to exacting standards and we shall shortly become the only provider in the world to gain official accreditation for the European and International Standards for security smoke. Find out more here.

Please have a look around, we welcome any feedback you have on the new range and the site in general. There's plenty going on on our social media channels too, feel free to join us.

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