Putting on a show in Brazil

Putting on a show in Brazil

Concept Smoke Screens stand at ISC Brasil 2016

Security shows are the most important medium for companies to showcase the latest thinking and product developments. They are a vital mixing pot for the industry enabling networking and partnerships, and a great means of raising your profile on an international scale.

Anyone that has been to such an exhibition knows how overwhelming it can be sometimes, hundreds of companies, selling similar solutions, with similar selling points. The key to these kind of events is to stand out from the crowd, be unique, be remembered.

That's why our stand at ISC Brasil last week worked so well. We were, in fact, the only security fog focused exhibit there. That meant a busy time, we didn't stop for three feet-achingly fun days.

Sporting three demonstration booths, each individually outfitted to represent different market segments, we provided visitors with a perspective changing experience.

Check out the video here.

Those that had never heard of security fog before, certainly do now. And those that already knew came along for a refresher in how effective our systems really are.

Last year's show helped Concept make headway in ATM defence in Brazil, and we wanted to expand our operations and help protect more businesses - our core raison d'être. Managing Director, Matt Gilmartin explains, 'our Brazilian sales have so far been heavily bank oriented. We had an objective to open new markets. We wanted to try to open people's eyes to possibilities in the retail sector like jewellery stores and electronics retailers. In this we feel we were successful, having generated a lot of interest over the course of the show. These sectors are having a lot of problems.'

And we firmly believe Smoke Screen is the solution.

Concept Smoke Screens fabric bags at ISC Brasil 2016