Security industry Oscar nod for Smoke Screen

Security industry Oscar nod for Smoke Screen

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Concept Smoke Screen are thrilled to announce they have been shortlisted at this year's IFSEC's Security & Fire Excellence Awards.

A judging panel comprising representatives from all areas of security & fire, the world of academia and the policing sector selected Smoke Screen as a Finalist in the International Achievement Award category.

The nomination is based on the success achieved in providing security to the cash handling industry, most notably their work developing systems to protect ATM lobbies from the threat of attack. Wrecking bars are a favoured method, but it's not unusual for the bad guys to use dynamite on ATMs! Yes, that's right, dynamite.

In some countries, frequent, violent attacks on ATMs are the norm - some institutes report upwards of 40 attacks per month on their estates. In light of these explosive tactics, it was clear something had to be done. Concept Smoke Screen Ltd began working with their local distributors to integrate security smoke into existing remotely monitored systems to create the ultimate ATM security solution. A formidable combination of security smoke expertise and country-specific industry knowledge, along with a critical understanding of local customs and idiosyncrasies.

And results have been dramatic.

Series of CCTV stills of successful ATM activation

Since the initiative has been implemented there have been numerous attacks on protected sites. Each attack has been nullified by the command activation of the Smoke Screen.

The banks take full control of the system and monitor any attack through a networked CCTV system. Once the authorities have been notified and a description of the attackers passed to police, they remotely activate the Smoke Screen system and defend its property, stopping the crime instantly, and driving the attackers back out.

One major customer reported 0 attacks last month where other unprotected sites in the same country suffered 95. When asked if it was because of Smoke Screen, the answer - yes.

A brilliantly passive solution to a very aggressive problem.

'This highlights the importance and benefits of our global distribution network,' according to Sales Director Matt Gilmartin, 'it's an honour to be recognised for this work by our esteemed contemporaries.'

The awards ceremony itself will take place on Thursday 27 November 2014, Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London. This year's host is going to be impressionist supremo Alistair McGowan.

In its sixteenth year, the Security Excellence Awards have consistently broken new ground in highlighting the very best people, projects and processes the UK's security & fire sectors have to offer.

See you there!

Series of CCTV stills of successful ATM activation

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