Titan Server

Providing a market leading level of control

Titan Server

TitanCore is provided with the full TitanConfig suite pre-installed. This unique combination provides a market leading level of control of Smoke Screen systems. Not only is the end user provided with “at a glance” visibility of critical statuses, the installer and maintainer can control every configurable aspect of multiple connected Smoke Screens.

A vital benefit offered by TitanCore is it’s immunity to physical sabotage. As it simply provides an interface into statuses and configuration, no physical attack of a TitanCore can disable a Smoke Screen system. All of the crucial system aspects remain safely housed in the tamper protected steel enclosure of the Smoke Screen generators themselves - total protection.

Total Visibility

The TitanCore module works in conjunction with TitanConfig software providing full on-site flexibility. Installers, maintainers and end users are provided with a clear insight into Smoke Screen system status. End users are informed of all critical statuses, while installers and maintainers can access the full configuration and reporting available in compatible Sentinel line generators.

Critical Design?

Although TitanCore gives you full access to the diagnostics of your system, it is not in itself a critical component. Every part of the system which may be a target for sabotage is safely housed within the tamper protected steel enclosure of the smoke generators themselves., In short, no criminal can disable a Smoke Screen system by attacking the TitanCore module - they’d simply waste their time.

Support for multiple generators

Compatible Sentinel systems can be installed in a master/slave configuration, communicating with each other over their onboard serial bus. TitanCore integrates and retrieves diagnostics information from every generator on the chain.

Configuration of all of the individual generators is easily achieved in the same way.


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