What's different about a Smoke Screen defence?

It’s simple really.

Traditional security systems try to:

  • Prevent intruders getting in (physical security)
  • Detect intruders when they have already gained access (electronic alarm systems and CCTV)

There is nothing wrong with either of these methods. However, they don’t address the third and critical part – stopping intruders from stealing if they do get in.

security smoke product

The bad guys use elevated levels of violence to gain access to a property, and then act fast to leave before a response can be generated. This is where Smoke Screen adds the final critical part of the puzzle.

Smoke Screen will confront the intruder, forcing them to leave while hiding the goods from view in seconds. The bad guys then have a choice – try to work in the fog and run the risk of not being able to find their way out or simply leave empty handed.

Intruders always choose the second option knowing the authorities are on the way.

Benefits of Smoke screen:

  • Covert

    An enhanced level of protection for your property without detracting from the look of your premises. Most Smoke Screen installations are hidden from view.

  • Non-violent

    A non-violent method of confrontation that does not put human life at risk. You can’t threaten the Smoke Screen to stop working – once it’s triggered, it does its job.

  • Proven Success

    A track record of success in defence over 40 years. Concept Smoke Screen equipment has been defending property since 1974.

  • Full Control

    The Titanium range of products allows the owner total control over the defence of the property. This includes full visibility of the estate, real time detection and fault awareness.

You can now start thinking of Smoke Screen as a front line defence.

For a more in-depth look at security smoke, see our UK site for the science behind it.