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We are dedicated to creating a safer world and giving people peace of mind. Our security fog generators equip you with a security system that actively prevents crime, keeping people and property safe.

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The most effective security system for crime prevention

The dense white fog produced by our Smoke Screens is extremely effective at preventing crime. Intruders are immediately disoriented and people and property in the area are completely concealed. Smoke Screens can be used to protect multiple large properties or localised vital areas. They can be used as standalone security alarms or integrated with other security technology.

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The Sentinel Range

A quick look at our best-selling range of security fog generators. Proven in the field to reduce intrusive crime and acts of violence.

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The Titanium Range

With advanced technology, the Titanium range represents a paradigm shift in the way Smoke Screen generators operate.

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Security Fog – How it Works

The moment a break-in takes place, the room is quickly filled with dense, harmless fog that challenges and repels intruders, making it virtually impossible for them to see anything. Smoke Screen’s passionate and knowledgeable product designers are always looking at the most effective ways to stretch the limits of technology to provide the most intelligent and innovative anti-intruder fog security system – protecting you, your property and the welfare of your people.

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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus is impacting people and businesses around the world and we believe it's important to keep you informed about the steps we are taking to ensure that the Concept Smoke Screen team can keep providing you with an uninterrupted, professional service.