Meet... the Sales and Service Administrator

Meet... the Sales and Service Administrator

Picture of Sophie.

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hello, I'm Sophie Horton and I am the Sales and Service Administrator at Concept Smoke Screen.

What's your background?

I have always been keen to work from a young age. So, at the age of 14 I found myself a job in my local farm shop and restaurant where I enjoyed meeting new people every weekend. I left school after my GCSEs as I decided that A-Levels weren't for me; I wanted to work whilst also learning! So instead I went to college where I studied Level 2 Accountancy, allowing me to learn something new and work too! I hoped to find an apprenticeship, but the pandemic hit and changed all my plans. I am still studying Accountancy, but now I do it in the evening instead of during the day. I applied for the job here at Concept Smoke Screen as I believed it fitted me to a T! I have always loved working with people (the sales side) and I also like to organise and plan events and schedules (the service side).

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

First off, I check my emails to see if we've had any enquiries overnight. These could be questions about our products, sometimes orders, or customers after an engineer visit. Once I have read and replied to those I then check to see where our engineers are this week and if I have any spaces to book any customer visits in.

The rest of my day can vary: I could be creating quotes for current or potential customers or I could be in the warehouse helping Trudi process orders, or even on the phone speaking to our customers. Each day is different, I love it!

Where do you live and what do you do outside of work? What are your interests and hobbies and that?

I live in the village with my dad, step-mum and my three cats (Blue, Jessica and Thor). In my spare time I like to spend time with my boyfriend and being an active member of Ladies Circle Great Britain and Ireland. My boyfriend and I like to go out and try new places to either eat or drink or stay for a few days. If you don't find me doing any of these I'm at home binge watching a series.

Right now, what is your favourite:

  • Band/musical act: I like a mixture of music, from country to pop! 
  • Film: Dirty Dancing - LOVE IT!!
  • TV show: I don't watch much TV but I did enjoy The Mandalorian on Disney+
  • Book: I'm not really a bookworm, I wish I was!
  • Food: Halloumi
  • Drink: Has to be a Pornstar Martini!
  • Colour: Rose Gold
  • Emotion: Happy

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