No residue - guaranteed

No residue - guaranteed

Petridish residue

We promise that our Smoke Screen units will leave behind no residue after they've been activated. Our smoke causes no damage to surfaces and is completely safe.

Concept Smoke Screen generators produce a class-leading particle size of 0.2 microns - tested and confirmed by the Atomic Energy Authority (Aerosols Division).

What does this mean?

  • The smoke is in the safest possible band for human breathing.
  • Smaller particle sizes mean a better system: our smoke settles extremely slowly - 9mm every hour - making ours the most persistent and effective smoke currently available on the market. The longer the smoke lasts, the more successful it will be in preventing crime.
  • Smaller particle sizes mean no damage: our smoke will not leave any residue on your property and will cause no damage to your belongings.
  • Smaller particle sizes mean greater efficiency: our smoke uses less fluid than other smoke systems on the market, meaning our generators are longer-lasting and more efficient. In comparison to our competitor's average particle size of 2 microns, our smoke particle are 1,000 smaller by volume. To achieve the same cross sectional area/coverage, we need to produce 100 times as many particles. Therefore, our smoke generators need 10 times less fluid overall the achieve the same effect as others on the market.

An independent report was conducted by Dr. Shen of Molecular Profile Services to confirm our guarantees of non-contamination. They were considering using security smoke as a method of security in their laboratories.

The technique used was Atomic Force Microscopy. Please note: these tests were not carried out on behalf of Concept Smoke Screen. They were purely to ascertain the suitability of security smoke in MPS environments and on MPS equipment.

This is what Dr. Shen had to say after the results came in, "thanks for the test samples. We have carried out AFM which is a sensitive test for, amongst other things, surface contamination. Two of the test samples were contaminated before the smoke test. This shows how sensitive the technique is! However, the control petri dish - plastic containers - were clean and so a meaningful comparison could be made. I have included two sets of images: control and exposed. I am please to say that these show that there are no signs of contamination that could be associated with your smoke particles."

This related to smoke concentration that was probably 5 to 10 times greater than normally required for security (visibility through the smoke circa 50mm!)

Dr. Shen's images are pictured.

Petridish residue

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