What is Security Fog?

We are inspired to create products that will confront criminals whilst simultaneously protecting your people and property. Modern criminals are not deterred by standard security systems and have any number of ways to circumvent them. Developing security fog as a barrier was the innovation we were inspired to create.

A Different Approach

Believing in safety and security as a human right compels us to tackle the most intrusive and violent crimes. From a young age we are taught about protecting the things in life that matter.

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Our Inspiration

Traditional security products do not prevent crime; our ambition was to create a system that was capable of achieving a peaceful resolution even in the most intrusive situations. If you can't fully prevent crime occurring, there needs to be a solution to tackle it. If something is hidden, it becomes harder to steal, and in many instances this removes the opportunity. Smoke Screen hides the things most valuable to you and ends the threat.

Prioritising the Safety of You, Your People and Your Property

Security fog is a non-violent, confrontational, visually impenetrable barrier.

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Smoke Screen In Action

The security fog confronts the criminal and hides people and property, forcing the intruder to leave. Security fog reinvents the element of surprise and takes control away from the criminal.

Can't See It? Can't Steal It!

Within seconds of a break-in the room is quickly filled with dense, harmless fog that challenges and repels intruders, making visibility almost zero.

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Crime Over & Smoke Clears

Criminals are left with little option but to leave, ending the crime in seconds. With the threat eliminated, the smoke clears, leaving no residue and causing the least possible disruption to your premises.

The next generation in security technology

Our IP products enable complete connectivity across networks of Smoke Screens and give you remote access to your system’s status.

Complete control

Our IP-enabled products give you a range of flexible options for monitoring and configuring your Smoke Screen devices, giving you even more control over your security system.

Integration with your security alarm

If you're seeking to make your security alarm system more effective, you may want to consider security fog integration.

Expand your toolbox

Integrating a Smoke Screen with your alarm system can significantly reduce the risk of break-ins and loss. Security fog is an effective tool for preventing crime and can work in conjunction with other security devices to create a formidable defence.


Share Our Vision

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