Security Fog

The most versatile and effective security

Cash Handling / ATM security

Handling large amounts of cash is always a risky business – and one that is often associated with sickening levels of violence – so it makes sense to have protection for everyone, at every link of the chain.

We continue to collaborate with both global security providers and the organisations affected to gain better insight. It's this understanding, combined with protecting the lives of the people directly involved, that motivates us to innovate.


Applying our ethos to everyday situations

Our company philosophy compels us to tackle intrusive and violent crimes.

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Retail Security

High street stores, retail outlets and supermarkets are frequently targeted by smash-and-grabs. Attacks on retail properties rarely last even a couple of minutes and the potential losses are high. Rapid attacks require rapid solutions.

Protecting staff and stock is critical. A smashed window can be easily replaced. Losing stock or suffering staff downtime cannot be tolerated as it impacts the ability to trade and puts health and livelihoods at risk. Our objective is to eliminate the issue.


Combining technology with fresh thinking

We’re always looking at new ways to take our technology even further, so it acts faster and puts you in control.

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Office Security

Security fog is perfect for providing protection to all aspects of your business. It will prevent expensive office equipment being taken, along with protecting personal, sentimental items.

The fog is dry and won't damage delicates or electronics – which is particularly good news for server rooms. Information is a valuable commodity in today's market, and Smoke Screen will give you peace of mind that your data is safe.


Sharing our vision for better futures

By collaborating with like-minded customers, organisations and initiatives, we’re saving lives and protecting livelihoods.

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Warehouse Security

Security fog is effective even for the largest of sites. Big open spaces benefit from strategic machine placement where fog protects access points and specific areas.

It's quite common for thieves to drive JCBs or lorries straight through warehouse walls, but a wall of security fog can stop them in their tracks. A series of connected generators firing at the same time can quickly fill entire buildings, and persistent fog maintains the protection.


We can make a difference

Our approach is helping to reduce crime and provide peace of mind.

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Home Security

Your home should be the place where you feel the safest. Smoke Screen devices will protect the people dearest to you whilst simultaneously hiding your belongings.

Only a small number of burglaries lead to a conviction, and in many instances possessions are never recovered. A home security fog product stands guard so you don't have to.

Share Our Vision

We all have the right to feel safe; contact us to discuss your requirements.