5 tips for protecting your business from crime

5 tips for protecting your business from crime

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The effects of crime can run a successful business into the ground. Finding ways to prevent crime on your business premises can help you immeasurably in the long-term, saving you the time and money it costs to overcome losses both physical and psychological.

At Concept Smoke Screen, we understand the need to protect your business from violent intrusion and theft, and we have an intimate understanding of the needs of business owners to have total peace of mind, and total confidence in their security system.

Even if you've fitted alarms and barriers, hired security staff and got the right insurance, a crime can still have devastating effects on your business. We think the best way to deal with crime is to prevent it completely, which is why we believe security fog is the best business security technology available.

No matter what kind of business you run, making sure your premises are secure should be top priority. Here's a list of tips we recommend you follow to stay safe and avoid loss.

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#1 Train your staff to use your security devices

The more people working on-site who know how to use your business security devices the better. Sharing the responsibility of setting and monitoring security devices makes it easier to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in your business' defences.

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#2 Keep valuables in a safe and use a secure container to carry cash

The extra level of protection provided by safes and secure carry cases can make all the difference. Keeping cash locked away will make it all the harder to steal, and you can also secure important information such as customer and staff data in such containers.

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#3 Get advice from the police

If you have suffered a number of break-ins, or consider yourself to be in a particularly high-risk area, talk to your local police department about solutions you can try. The police also often hold events to educate business owners on how to better protect their premises, so make sure to attend any in your local area.

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#4 Create a lock-up routine

Most businesses have an array of security measures, and it can be easy to forget one if you're the last one to leave. Simple tactics such as keeping a checklist near the door can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Remember that if your insurance is dependent on all your security measures being in place, you may run the risk of nullifying your cover if you forget to use them all.

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#5 Get security fog

We believe that the best way to prevent crime is with security fog. It's simple and it works. 

This dense, harmless fog can fill entire areas or protect specific points, completely obscuring vision and preventing the criminal from being able to continue their intrusion. It's made of food-grade glycerin so is completely safe and leaves no residue behind. It works rapidly, our generators propelling fog at high speed into the area, totally obscuring your property.

As soon as a Smoke Screen generator activates, the situation is diffused immediately. Additionally, with our advanced IP technology - available with our Titanium range - activity on your property can be monitored remotely in real-time, 24/7, so you know exactly what's going on even if you're off-site.

Smoke Screens can be integrated with most traditional security technologies, giving you a potent combination of deterrents and failsafes. But if you can only afford one security solution, we recommend getting security fog.

Learn more about how Smoke Screen can help you prevent crime.

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