Concept celebrate award win

Concept celebrate award win

Concept Chairman, Carl Gibbard, receiving the award for Best International Partnership

We were delighted to receive the award for Best International Partnership at the British Security Awards last week. We attended the event in London to collect our award and meet other inspiring companies and individuals working for the continual improvement of the security industry. It was a great event and an honour to have our work with ASB in the Netherlands recognised by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

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Our award-winning collaboration

We've worked closely with ASB, who are based on Holland, for many years. They are an electronics company that specialise in security technology, and through our partnership we have been able to produce some of the most cutting-edge security products on the market. Our latest collaboration has seen the design and development of Sentinel Connect, a simple upgrade for Sentinel machines.

At Concept Smoke Screen, we are continually innovating and pushing the boundaries on security fog technology. This means that every new range of machines we produce has more functionality than the last, giving customers access to the most up-to-date security systems we can produce. However, this means that if you've been a Smoke Screen customer for some time, your old Smoke Screens can become outdated. 

The latest development in the security fog industry - and in security in general - has been to enable greater connectivity between systems over wireless networks, giving users more control and flexibility. With our Titanium range of machines, we produced the most advanced Smoke Screen yet, each one capable of connecting with other systems - such as CCTV - via the internet. These generators can talk directly to your monitoring service, and can self-diagnose faults such as low fluid levels. They can even act as a standalone security system, with built-in detection, action and communication functionality. The accompanying smartphone app gives the user ultimate control, allowing remote management and activation from anywhere in the world.

For customers who have already invested in our older Sentinel range, we wanted to be able to provide a similar level of advanced connectivity without the need to replace their existing machines. Replacing an entire system of Smoke Screens can be costly and disruptive - obviously something we want to help our customers avoid.

That's when we started working with ASB on the ultimate solution - a simple upgrade that turns a Sentinel machine into a connected device. As experts in innovative security technology, ASB quickly identified the easiest and most efficient solution. The answer was a replacement PCB (printed circuit board) that can be quickly fitted into each Sentinel so that it can connect to external systems. Sentinel Connect.

Sentinel Connect circuit board

Our long-established working relationship formed the bedrock of our partnership with ASB. Sharing the same values, beliefs and dedication to innovation gave us added strength of purpose. Our joined dedication to bringing customers better, more effective security technology allowed us to produce a solution that simply works, saving people time and money, and bringing them an even better experience.

Since its inception, Sentinel Connect has been retro-fitted to a number of generators and is in active service. We have also created an app (available on Google Play and the App Store) that allows users to control and view their system using their smartphone. If you'd like to learn more about how Sentinel Connect can update your security system, get in touch with us today.

Following this success, we aim to continue to work closely with ASB to produce yet more innovations as the industry expands and evolves, and technology becomes even more advanced. Having the value of our partnership recognised at industry level is a great boon, and we look forward to the exciting opportunities that the future holds.

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