Concept Smoke Screen Get Physical

Concept Smoke Screen Get Physical

Matt Gilmartin receiving BSIA award

On May 11th at the IFSEC Security Industry Awards 2009, Concept Smoke Screen were honoured with the "Physical Security Product of the Year" award, for the Guardian Smoke Screen. The ceremony was conducted at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole.

Over the last few years the majority of ATM replenishment visits have moved to out of hours service to minimise operational disruption in trading banking halls. This move has exposed the cash carriers to an elevated risk of attack.The Guardian Smoke Screen takes the fantastic success of Smoke Screen security fog in deterring intruders and makes it available to cash carriers in a portable, yet secure format. The product comprises 2 parts: the Guardian itself, and a secure docking station which is installed in the risk area of a banking hall.If the guards should suffer an attack the Guardian activates, producing massive clouds of visually obscuring, thermally generated fog. This confronts intruders and drives them away: a concept that has been proven in the field over tens of thousands of the more conventionally installed generators.To find out more about the Guardian or the rest of our range of security systems contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

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