Road to IFSEC 2019

Road to IFSEC 2019

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We're excited to announce that we'll be attending IFSEC once again this year, and this time we're hitting the road with our demo van. If you're attending the event, be sure to stop by and check it out.

The leading security event in the UK and Europe, IFSEC runs from 18th to 20th June 2019 and is held at ExCeL London.

Over 27,000 security professionals will be gathering at this auspicious event, bringing with them all the latest breakthroughs in security technology and innovation.

With live demonstrations, seminars, networking opportunities and shows, there's no better place to get up-to-speed on everything that's happening in the industry today.

Visit the Concept demo van

Our van is fitted with a full interactive demonstration, giving you a chance to experience first-hand what happens when a Smoke Screen activates. It's completely safe and won't damage your clothing, so you can step right in and see for yourself just how effective our security fog is.

This tends to be a really popular demo, so if you're at the show be sure to stop by and try it out for yourself.

You can find us at stand IF2840, which is right near the park area.

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What to expect from us

This year we'll be showcasing some exciting security technologies that we've been working on, all designed to give people greater control over their Smoke Screens, and even more peace of mind.

Sentinel Connect

We've been working with ASB Security in the Netherlands to develop this upgrade for our range of Sentinel machines. A new circuit board enables the kind of connectivity that comes as standard with our Titanium range, giving users more control over their Sentinel devices. There's a mobile app for on-site engineers that connects with each machine in the network, enabling them to check statuses, perform remote activations, schedule arming and disarming of the system, and more.


This is a powerful piece of software designed to give installers and engineers more control over the many flexible options of the Titanium range. The application provides diagnostics, configurations and event logs, which can all be accessed and managed remotely over a wifi network or the Titanium's own local ethernet interface. TitanConfig enables control and oversight of a vast network of Smoke Screens.

Titanium 247

Titanium 247 is a web-based monitoring platform, designed to give you remote visibility of your network of security fog generators. Titanium 247 can monitor thousands of machines in multiple locations, giving you unlimited access across your entire network of generators.

The platform allows you to monitor the status of each machine, identifying system faults and low fluid levels. View the alarm, arming, tamper and battery statuses quickly and easily. Titanium 247 also allows you to remotely activate your machines with one tap, giving you complete control.

Concept Connector

This is an advanced API that's designed to seamlessly integrate your Smoke Screens with your Milestone monitoring service. With this plug-in, your generators will be able to communicate with Milestone, ensuring that someone is always watching over your home or business and keeping it safe. It's an easy and affordable way to get total peace of mind. We'll be running live demos of this technology in action so make sure you stop by.

Find out more about these innovative technologies at our stand!

What else is happening?

There's far too much going on at IFSEC to cover everything, but some of the highlights we're looking forward to are:

  • Seminars on future-proofing CCTV networks, artificial intelligence in security, and how social media can introduce new opportunities to the industry.
  • The Smart Buildings Expo and the Workplace Wellbeing Show, both located near the main arena.
  • 'Show me How' demos, where the latest security solutions will be showcased in practical demonstrations.
  • The BSIA stand. We've previously won a BSIA award in the International Partnership category for our work with Brazilian security company Allarmi, and we're looking forward to learning more about the upcoming companies in the industry.
  • Networking. We're always looking for new collaborations and partnerships that will help us protect more people and businesses with our industry-leading security fog. We're excited to find out what other innovators are doing and to look for ways to make our products even more effective.

If you're in the security industry, this is the place to be. Registration to attend is free and easy on IFSEC's website. See you there!

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