Concept at ISC Brasil 2019

Concept at ISC Brasil 2019

Front of the Expo Center Norte

We're excited to be attending the ISC show in Brazil this year with our international distributors Allarmi.

ISC Brasil runs from 25th to 27th June and is held at the Expo Center Norte. It's a busy event that promotes innovation and networking across the security sector in Brazil, bringing together leading figures in the industry and showcasing today's smartest security solutions.

This year, the theme is International Expertise in Security Solutions, with a focus on offering customers, innovators, distributors, loss prevention officers, business managers, industry specialists and government officials the chance to connect and exchange news and ideas.

There will be spotlights on new technologies, particularly integrated and digital solutions, and we'll be there to showcase the latest Concept Smoke Screen innovations.

What we're bringing to the show

This year you'll be able to see promotions and demos of some security technologies we've been perfecting that are designed to give people total peace of mind and complete control of their security fog systems.

Sentinel Connect

This is a simple upgrade for Sentinel machines that gives users greater control over their system without having to buy new machines. The new circuit board can be installed quickly and easily, giving the Sentinel some of the advanced connectivity and networking capabilities that come as standard with the Titanium range. There's also an app for engineers that allows them to maintain and assess the status of each machine with ease.


Giving engineers and installers even more control over the many settings and functions of the Titanium range, this powerful software features diagnostics, event logs and configurations that can be accessed remotely via wifi or the Titanium's own local network. The software is available for desktop and tablet, providing ultimate management accessibility.

Titanium 247

Titanium 247 is a powerful web-based monitoring platform capable of monitoring thousands of machines across multiple locations in order to give you complete visibility and control of your entire network of Smoke Screens. Monitor machine and battery status, fluid levels, system settings and more, on-site or remotely. You can even trigger a remote activation with just the push of a button.

Concept Connector

If you already have a contract with Milestone to monitor your security, this API will allow you to connect your Smoke Screens to that network, ensuring every element of your security system is tied to the same monitoring station. This plug-in allows your security fog generators to talk to Milestone, ensuring constant coverage and protection of your premises. We'll be demonstrating this technology live at the show so make sure to check it out.

Come by our stand during the show to find out more about these exciting security technologies! You can find us at Stand D40.

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