Exciting new product developments at CSS

Exciting new product developments at CSS

2015-2016 has been a year of massive development and growth for Smoke Screen products. The Titanium line of products is already hitting the market. Titanium has been designed to bolster and strengthen the already successful Sentinel range. We bring you an entirely new way of thinking about security fog.  

In the past, security fog has always been considered the last line of defence against intrusion and violent attacks. The Titanium range alters that approach. No longer is it the case that a Smoke Screen fog generator must be an add-on to a security system. It is a game changer that has multiple modes. Its main mode is that of a powerful, flexible detection and signalling device. It also happens to confront criminals and protect property. 

Titanium is also happy to work with an existing detection system and add its considerable stopping power to the arsenal. Supported by its fully featured command and control suite, Titanium can span continents with you in control. As always, the changes the Titanium heralds are not driven by us, they are driven by you, the user, and what you need.

"We will design, build and support the security fogging generators that you need. And we guarantee they will consistently do what you need them to do - when you need them to do it."


Smoke Screen Titanium

The Titanium range represents a paradigm shift in the way Smoke Screen generators operate. The all new electronics pack in this range lets the Smoke Screen generator perform two roles. It provides on-site detection and signalling as well as incredibly powerful criminal stopping power.

In its command and control "Iris" mode, a Titanium Smoke Screen can accept inputs from a number of detection devices. It can then signal these securely to a remote monitoring centre using widely supported protocols. An operator can have alerts of attacks pushed to him from anywhere in the world and take appropriate remedial action immediately. The Titanium generators can integrate with their own bespoke command and control software (SmokeNet). Alternatively they can integrate with your existing control room platform.

The electronics pack's benefits do not end there. Fog generation performance is enhanced. As is the reliability of critical parts through careful control of their parameters. It's also possible to daisy chain Titanium generators using the on-board RS485 serial bus. This means in multi-machine installations, just one "Master" Titanium generator need sit on a network. This Master will allow command, control and communication with its linked "Slaves".

Finally, a Titanium generator can act as a traditional Smoke Screen generator. Another device can take over the role of detection and signalling while still offering full fault awareness and control over IP. This minimises the need to "rip and replace".


Smoke Screen Sentinel S35

The Sentinel range is designed for permanent installation either as a fully integrated part of an alarm system or as a stand-alone. It comprises some of the most advanced security smoke generators in the world. The new, precision-cast aluminium heater block offers high performance levels and reliability. This translates to a more impressive volume of drier fog (no residue) that lasts for even longer. The Sentinel S35 is the smallest Smoke Screen in the Sentinel range. It is both compact and powerful. This make the S35 suitable for almost any application, where fast-acting thieves may strike. New PCB technology, ergonomic connectors and multi-bracket design make installation easy and straightforward. The internal battery back-up and multi-nozzles provide further versatility.

SMOKE SCREEN IRIS - remote command and control anywhere in the world

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The Smoke Screen Iris is a fully secured IP communication module allowing total control of the Smoke Screen range over the internet. Iris comes in a tamper protected enclosure and has 12 hour off mains capability. It uses SNMPv3 for user authentication and sends information over a 256 bit encrypted channel for total security. In case of an IP signalling failure, Iris provides dual path GPRS capability (optional) to ensure no communication interruption. Iris will communicate all of the critical functions of the Sentinel as well as provide the ability to command fire the systems from anywhere in the world?

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