Introducing Obsecur: our new security service

Introducing Obsecur: our new security service


We're proud to announce the launch of our sister brand, Obsecur, the first company in the world to bring you monitored security fog and ongoing hands-on support at an affordable monthly price.

Our goal is to make security easy for small and medium businesses across the UK. We want to take the stress out of security by providing security solutions that work every time. Our service is designed specifically for small and medium businesses without their own dedicated loss prevention department.

We have spent the last 40+ years working on innovative security products that actively prevent crime. By installing our security fog generators at your business property, we can greatly increase the effectiveness of your security, significantly reduce the risk of loss, and give you total peace of mind.

How does it work?

The concept of Obsecur is to provide a service that goes above and beyond a box on the wall. For one monthly cost, you will not only receive an initial site survey and installation of the Smoke Screens you need to protect your business. You will also receive ongoing 24/7 monitoring, regular maintenance and call-outs. 

Your security fog devices will always be up-to-date and fully functional, ready to activate whenever they are needed. We'll also be available on the end of the phone to provide advice and support. All this is included in the monthly package cost.

We want to make security more affordable, more straightforward and more reliable. Obsecur is designed to reduce costs and provide total peace of mind.

To find out more about how Obsecur can make your business more secure, visit our brand new website now.

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