Smoke Screen in Brazil

Smoke Screen in Brazil

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Brazil continues to be an exciting and dynamic market for Concept Smoke Screen. Many of the new features found in our generators were determined by the needs of customers in this rapidly changing environment.

Customers in Brazil have broken all previous records for the amount of Smoke Screens installed on individual properties. This is all because the products have been extremely successful in the execution of their work. As a result of these successes Concept Smoke Screen Brazil Ltda was founded to realise the dream of manufacturing Smoke Screen products in Brazil. 

After two years of planning, CSSB Ltd moved to its assembly plant last summer and the first wave of Brazilian products have now come off the production line. Local production combined with Concept's expertise means that the products constructed maintain an outstanding degree of quality, creating Smoke Screens you can always rely on.

Just one more reason to keep it Concept.

Map of Smoke Screen installations across Brazil

The number of installations currently stands at over 5,000. CSS Brazil's work with Smoke Screen systems has been hugely important in the Brazilian market place. It has helped to engage the market to this effective technology like never before.

"When you are having 40 attacks on your ATMs each month you need an effective solution. Smoke Screen is that solution. In July 2014, there were 90 attacks on ATMs in Brazil. Smoke Screen customers suffered none!" 

The spread of Smoke Screen generators through Brazil has had a dramatic impact on the success of ATM explosion attacks. The impact has been that they no longer succeed. When a criminal has the situation of trying to load explosives without being able to see risking possible injury or being captured, they are left with only one choice - get out of there. Word has spread that Smoke Screen protected sites are not worth attacking.

It was great news when we heard that our customers had not suffered one single attack on their property during the whole of July.

We want to help you to achieve the same results.

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