WoS Thieves Leave Ahead of Schedule

WoS Thieves Leave Ahead of Schedule

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A gang of youths targeted Watches of Switzerland in Mayfair last Friday (20th February) aiming to steal thousands of pounds worth of designer Swiss timepieces. Unbeknown to them, the store is protected by a security fogging system supplied and installed by Concept Smoke Screen.

The raiders struck at 9.26am and managed to smash the external glass doors and had begun to break through the inner roller shutters when a quick thinking employee triggered the security system, thereby presenting the raiders with an impenetrable barrier of non-toxic, non-damaging fog, leaving them no other choice but to flee the scene empty handed.

Onlookers watched in fascinated horror as the raid took place during rush-hour on Friday morning when the area was flooded with shoppers and workers heading to their offices. One eyewitness said, “I heard a series of incredibly loud bangs and turned round to see these guys sledgehammering a door. The whole time I was there not a single policeman was in sight, nor a siren to be heard."

So there you have it, yet again Concept Smoke Screen succeeded in preventing loss where security shutters, cameras and the presence of hundreds of onlookers failed.

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