Voice Module

Warn intruders and instruct the public

Voice Module

There will be occasions when a Smoke Screen is activated – purposefully or accidentally – when members of the public are present. It is unlikely they will be familiar with security fog, so informing them of the situation is a priority.

In accordance with the European Standard, it is recommended that everyone in the fogged area be informed that it is safe, and to not worry or do anything that would cause themselves harm. This message is also aimed at intruders for the same reasons. To deliver this message clearly, we recommend using the VOICE MODULE voice-enhanced sounder series. The VOICE MODULE eliminates any potential confusion and can be clearly heard and understood.

The VOICE MODULE requires no special wiring and can be easily retro-fitted to existing installations. It is fully synchronised and has an exceptionally low current consumption. Up to seven different messages can be selected – with foreign language and bespoke messages also available. The VOICE MODULE’s clarity and high sound output using the existing 2-wire installation offers unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

The Multi Message Switching PCB (MMSP) has a number of inputs for switching the auxiliary messages, either from the keypad or external inputs (e.g. a relay, key-switch, IO unit, call point). Two of the six auxiliary inputs are monitored, providing the opportunity to include panic alarms and terrorist or bomb alerts – and provide peace of mind that crucial messages can be delivered at the critical moment.


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