Armed Robbers Stopped by Security Smoke

Armed Robbers Stopped by Security Smoke

Another success for SG Biro: Smoke Screen has stopped a daylight robbery on a jewellery store in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The raid was over in a matter of seconds. The two villains fled as soon as the security smoke device activated, but they did not get very far. They were spotted and apprehended by a police officer on a bicycle.

Ljubljana Police have confirmed they were alerted to a robbery at Zlatarna jewellers on Wolfovi Street around noon on Thursday 11th October. The first man pressed the store's buzzer and was let in. While the door was closing a second man rushed in and pulled a makeshift stopper out of his satchel. He quickly placed this near the frame to prevent the door locking behind them. The next thing he pulled out of the satchel was an axe which he used to break the glass at the rear of the jewellery displays.

The first robber meanwhile began assaulting the store's owner. That was when he activated the Smoke Screen, causing the villains to flee, empty-handed, in the direction of Plecnik market. Staff from the jewellers shouted after them and their cries were heard by the policewoman who promptly arrested them.

Since we started working with SG Biro, they have stopped more than 50 burglaries and at least 3 armed robberies in Slovenia with Smoke Screen. Excellent work in a country with a total population a quarter that of London.

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