Concept saved our store

Concept saved our store

(also known as 'practising what we preach') 

It's almost 4am, on January 14th, everything is dark and quiet and dawn is about to break on another beautifully sunny day in Nicosia. The peace is suddenly broken by four shady figures intent on breaking into a computer store.

Except it's not just a standard computer store.

This particular store is managed by Concept Smoke Screen's Cyprus distributors, CSP, and is of course defended by a Smoke Screen generator.

HR and Marketing Manager, Ntina Michaelides, uses the E-Series machine for both protection and demonstrations, 'this morning we had a burglary attempt by four individuals who tried to grab our laptops and TVs from the showroom. Thankfully Smoke Screen saved the day! They all left immediately without taking a single item from our store.'

CCTV footage shows the burglars kicking through the bottom pane of the front doors and then climbing in. Once inside one of them manages to get to the counter, the other takes barely two steps, before they are confronted by a barrier of security smoke. The rapid exodus then begins.

They are inside the store for 10 seconds - two of them don't manage to get in at all. Zero loss.

'We have passed these images to the police and the local TV stations and they have even visited our showroom to experience the effect of Smoke Screen first hand,' continued Ntina.

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