Defending Jewellery Window Displays

Defending Jewellery Window Displays

There has been a huge upsurge in daytime attacks on shop fronts. Quite simply a team on mopeds armed with sledge hammers ride up to the window, smash their way into it and flee with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of high value items.

One of our major clients asked us for a solution and we provided the equipment shown activating in the above video. The staff activate the defence and with this particular customer, we have defeated 7 out of 7 raids. Here's what the customer had to say:

“We have experienced an increase in opening hours robberies leading to intolerable losses and interruption to trading across our stores. All other methods of security have failed to stop this so we turned to Concept Smoke Screen. After installing Concept Smoke Screen in our branches we have had attempted raids and witnessed dramatic results. Concept Smoke Screen have revolutionised our approach to daytime raids and the results have been phenomenal."

Ash Harvey, Property Department, Aurum Holdings Ltd


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