Smoke Screen in action in Slovenia

Smoke Screen in action in Slovenia

This is actual footage of a break-in in a petrol station in Slovenia, just outside the capital Ljubljana. Prior to this, the CCTV had picked up two shadowy forms loitering outside for quite some time. When the coast is clear, one of the robbers approaches the shop door, bends down and spends half a minute shearing the bar off the lock at the foot of the glass doors before moving off again.

They wait for fifteen minutes to see if the alarm has gone off or if a security guard or the police arrive. With the coast still clear they return to the door and violently kick their way into the shop . One makes his way over to the cigarette counter. Almost comically, the other struggles to get in and by the time he squeezes his frame through the gap the smoke activates, forcing them both to leave straight away. The reason for the delay on the firing is the entry timer on the alarm system. This will have been set up to give the members of staff enough time to enter the shop, walk to the alarm panel and turn it off (and vice-versa). Once the entry timer had run down, the infra-red sensor detected the intruders and this second trigger caused the alarm and the smoke to go off, successfully stopping the break-in.

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