The new Sentinel range

The new Sentinel range


"In creating the new Sentinel Range, we've developed the most cutting edge security smoke generators on the market. Designed to deter and prevent, the Sentinel will force intruders out of your property faster and more effectively than any other security measure.

They are compatible with a variety of nozzles making them even more adaptable and efficient; ensuring you get the best defence in any situation.

The S35 is our smallest, most affordable Sentinel. It packs a real punch for its size. Easily installed, maintained and discreet, the S35 is perfect for offices, homes and small commercial areas.

The S55 develops on the S35's small form factor and adds advanced features suitable for mainstay commercial performance. Higher output, high mass heater blocks and intelligent fluid sensing puts the S55 firmly in a high risk, critical defence role.

The S70 is the workhorse of the range. This popular generator strikes the perfect balance between form factor, weight and output. As such, it is suitable for all but the largest applications. The S70 is in active use in financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers and jewellers around the world.

Finally, the S100 has evolved to fill big warehouses. Its unrivalled power - thanks to a high mass, precision engineered steel block and optimised pump driver - can protect the largest of spaces in seconds.

Sentinels are compact, easy to install and can either form part of a fully supervised intruder detection system or stand alone in defence. Whether you are looking to protect your home, shop, office, warehouse or anything you feel is at risk, contact us and we will find the right Smoke Screen for you."

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