Point Protection in a Warehouse

Point Protection in a Warehouse

This video shows the impressive performance of an E+ 900 Smoke Screen generator in a point protection application. The camera is focussed on one of 11 generators installed in this warehouse, and the idea is to protect the perimeter of the high value suits stored in the middle. The E+ 900 is very well suited to warehouse protection, not just because of the performance, but also for the very long initial burst of fog production. In any premises that are above average in height, the initial tendency is for the fog to rise as it is warmer than ambient conditions. This makes it important to keep introducing fog into the area being protected to allow the fog to achieve a quiescent state (where it hangs in the protected area rather than rising). Couple the long burst with the class leading particle size of an E+ Smoke Screen generator, and you have the best fit for warehouse protection.

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