Defeating an Armed Robbery in S. Africa

Defeating an Armed Robbery in S. Africa

We asked our South African agent for a description of this dramatic event, but rather than edit it, we thought we would let you have it from the horse's mouth. The only point to note is the Smoke Screen is only configured for a minimal activation.

"It was a quiet Wednesday morning, and the jewellery shop had just opened for business. The Smoke Screen Rapid HP unit has been installed for 1 month.

9:20 6 armed robbers enter the shopping complex and split up into 3 sections to grab the security guards in the mall.

9:21.25s Two of the robbers enter the Jewellery shop and grab the security guard saying this was an armed robbery.

9:21.33s The sales assistant sees what is happening and triggers the smoke unit.

9:21.35s The first suspect gets to the back and is surprised by the smoke. The other suspect tells him to continue to the safe.

9:21.38s He continues to the back safe but is wary of what is happening.

9:21.40s The security guard is pushed forward by the other guard and the suspect draws his firearm.

9:21.41s The other robbers outside come into the shop to see what is happening.

9:21.44s The smoke has filled the back room and almost the entire store.

9:21.48s The suspect at the back leaves as he cannot see the key holder nor the outside freedom and runs, jumping over the counter to get out with his accomplices.

Robbery over. Start to finish in 23 seconds.

9:33.12s Security guards come to rescue.

9:35.49s Armed Police arrive at the mall, the suspects are long gone.

This is the best money the client has ever spent."

So there you have it.

Images and text courtesy of Ulf Hanson of Sensis - www.sensis.co.za

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