Meet... the operations director

Meet... the operations director


Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Kelvin Limb, and I am the Operations Director at Concept Smoke Screen. I have primary responsibility for service and finance, as well as many of the less exciting business issues of HR, health and safety, quality manual etc.

Where's a fella like you come from then, eh? What's your story?
I spent the first 17+ years of my working life forging a career with a high street bank, latterly in commercial banking. A chance comment with the then directors of Smoke Screen led to me making a huge career change. 15 years later and I am a director and co-owner of the company.

Riddle me this: what is it that you actually get up to all day, anyway?
A typical day starts with a check on the bank accounts and dealing with email correspondence to and from the factory. I support the service team in ensuring we deliver on what the sales team have promised - not always a straightforward task! Overseeing stock management during present times needs more regular attention given the supply chain issues that are affecting pretty much every industry around the world.

We are a relatively small team and I enjoy getting involved in all aspects of the business, whether it be sales, service or technical (although the latter is far from my strongest subject). Other than this I am a sounding board for Matt in helping to decide whether any of his crazy ideas have potential or not... A crucial function.

Tell us about the Kelvin outside of work.
I am married with two children, both of whom have left school and entered the world of employment. In my spare time I enjoy racing a Stoxkart on a number of oval racing tracks around the UK. Closer to home I enjoy a game of squash or badminton to help me stay fit and healthy. I am a keen reader, mainly crime fiction and thrillers, and will happily binge watch similar content on Netflix. I also enjoy watching most forms of motorsport, in particular Formula 1, Nascar and stock car racing.

Right now, what is your favourite:

  • Band/musical act: I have a wide and varied taste but particularly enjoy The Beatles

  • Film: James Bond

  • TV show: Friends - they still make me chuckle now some 20 years down the line

  • Book: Jack Reacher series

  • Food: Ottolenghi - my wife is a dab hand at knocking up some of his really tasty dishes

  • Drink: I try not to drink too much, honestly, but I do like a nice cold Guinness

  • Colour: Red/White/Blue

  • Emotion: Positive/optimistic

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